2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Base) in great condition for sale by original owner. This well maintained garaged vehicle has 180,000km. Prefer not to part with it, but selling due to growing family. Included in the sale are 4 winter tires with additional black rims. Asking $13,000.00 or best offer.

In an FJ world, there are no boundaries



In 2011, I spent four days hiking through the Peruvian Andes. En route to Machu Picchu, literal translation meaning the “old peak”, we hiked the Lares Trek. Traveling of the beaten path, we meandered through stunning valleys and breath-taking landscapes before continuing on to Machu Picchu.


White Roof
17" Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Wheel Locks
Dual Foldable Mirros
Flip-up Rear Hatch Glass
Electric Rear Window Defroster


Front Bucket Seats
Air Conditioning, Cabin Air Filter, Rear Seat Heat Ducts
Water Repellent Fabric Seat Material
Rubber Floors
Metallic Dash Accents


Today, much of the villages surrounding Machu Picchu still hold strong to Inca traditions. In these areas, you can see that the reflection of their ancestral past is still practiced through language, art, textiles and farming.


Here are a few photos of the FJ.

A curious Lama kept an eye on me while I was taking photos of the terraces at Machu Picchu.

Here's looking at you kid

A curious lama

These wonderful men help guide, feed, set up camp and transport our heavier stuff while hiking through the Andes.

The Magnificent Five

Our Tour Group

Farming is a way of life for most locals living in the remote villages in the Peruvian Andes.

Fields of Potatos

Farm land in the Andes

We enjoyed a foggy day at Machu Picchu

A Look at Machu Picchu

On a foggy day

While hiking, we came across an elderly lady that was transporting her herd to another village.

Hard at Work

An Elderly Lady.

When driving to our drop off location to start our trek, we were stopped by a mudslide but decided to continue and hiked over the slide.

Small Road Block

A rock slide

It was a pleasure to learn about their natural habitats and way of life.

An Andean Family

Meeting the Locals

We travelled through a few remote villages as we hiked through the Andes.

A Remote Village

In the Pervian Andes

We also passed a few old houses along our journey.

Old House

Along our Journey

We stumbled on some Llamas grazing of the beaten path. It was a beauty to see.

Llamas on the hillside

Off the beaten path

We were fortunate to have beautifully  prepared traditional Peruvian food everyday of our hike.

Amazing Food

Beautifully prepared for us

This once lost city was truly an amazing site to see.

At Machu Picchu

On site at the ruins



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